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Free Speech Rally At Conroy’s Office This Sunday


We need to take URGENT action to save free speech in Australia.

This Sunday, can you join an Emergency Action Rally outside the office of Commissar Stephen Conroy?

Speaking will be Senator Scott Ryan, Senator Mitch Fifield and Victorian State MLC Bernie Finn, as well as other great freedom fighters.

If this legislation is passed, we will join North Korea, Cuba and Iran as having some of the most repressive anti-free speech rules.

This is your opportunity to show Canberra that THEY CAN NOT TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS!!!

The details are:

Time:               1:00pm
Date:                Sunday, March 17
Address:        17 Mason St, Newport, Victoria

Please invite your family, your neighbours, your friends and let us send a message that Canberra can not ignore!!!

The more Australians who turn up on Sunday, the stronger the message we send!
I hope we will see you there!


Telegraph Apologises!!!


This is brilliant:

YESTERDAY we ran a picture of Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy depicted as Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

It has since been pointed out that this was a grossly unfair and insulting comparison to make. And so we would just like to say: We’re sorry, Joe.

Yes, it is true that Stalin was a despicable and evil tyrant who was responsible for the death of many millions.

However, at least he was upfront in his efforts to control the media instead of pretending he supported free speech and then suggesting that cheeky, satirical or provocative newspaper coverage might be against the law. We also note that, despite his well-documented crimes against humanity, Stalin at least managed to hold a government together for more than three years.

Nonetheless, we pay tribute to our new Commissar Conroy and stand ready to write and publish whatever he instructs us to.

Conroy Tries To Ban The Bolt Report, Other Critical News Shows


The Federal Government is becoming bolder and bolder in it’s concerted attack on freedom of speech in Australia through trying to censor any dissenting views.

The Australian has reported the Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy – the man who has previously said that he had the power to make telco bosses wear red underpants on their head if he wanted to, and also that the Federal Government should be “going to war” against News Limited – has tried to change legislation to ban the Bolt Report, and other similar shows such as Meet The Press, from being aired.

That’s right, he actually wanted to ban them:

CABINET ministers have canvassed a startling intervention in news and current affairs to prevent television networks from striking partnerships with other media companies in a sign of last-minute changes to reforms due within weeks.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is understood to have put the proposals to Julia Gillard on Monday night in an attempt to stop the Ten Network from working with News Limited to produce a Sunday current affairs program.

Of course, this proposal wouldn’t have applied to the staunchly left-of centre ABC:

Tthe high-level focus on the program appeared to ignore similar deals at the ABC in which Four Corners aired reports by journalists from Fairfax newspapers…

It seems that the proposal currently wasn’t approved, but what state of an affairs it is where the Federal Communications Minister in an allegedly free country like Australia, with the full support of parties like the Australian greens,  can actively call for the government to ban contrary voices.

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