The academics who hate free speech

John Speer, from the University of Melbourne Liberal Club, writes in Quadrant Online on how the battle from free speech is far from won … and is most at threat in our Universities. The University of Melbourne Liberal Club, as it does every year, set up a stall to attract new students for the University’s O-Week. As part of their promotional material, they had a corflute of John Howard with the quote “we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”

Here is what happened:

Within minutes of displaying this corflute, members of the MULC were approached by university academics who believed it to be was ‘racist’ and ‘disgusting’. In addition to this, they insisted we had no right whatsoever to display it at our stall. Senior members of The Club explained that whilst they were free to hold those opinions, we were perfectly within our rights to voice our own beliefs and display a piece of official election material.

With the debate ending rather quickly, our stall was soon approached by the University of Melbourne’s security staff, who stated they had received “complaints” about the corflute. They then ordered the MULC booth off campus.

After it was explained that all present were both MULC members and students of the university,  thus having a right to be present on university grounds, the security staff then attempted to remove the corflute from the grounds of the university.

Upon members reminding them that the corflute was a member of The Club’s own private property, they placed it back on the stall. In a desire not to inflame the situation, MULC members transported the stall off campus and onto public property in order to continue our membership drive

Click here to read the full account.

This incident is symbolic of the left’s approach to freedom of speech in the modern age. This desire to censor, to control, to regulate is bred in the incubators of our taxpayer funded universities, and this incident explains that while we may have won the battle over the Governments’ anti-free speech legislation, the war is far, far, far from over.



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