Media Rules Prohibit Dissent

Jennifer Marohasy has a great piece in the Australian Financial Review on how  Senator Conroy’s proposed media changes are designed to  prohibit dissent:


MODERN history suggests that democracy aligns, and progresses, with the expansion of civil liberties, including access by ordinary citizens to government information. But the new media reform bills tabled in [Australian] federal Parliament last week appear unashamedly about the introduction of an additional layer of bureaucracy unaccountable to the public or the judiciary…

The PIMA will administer public interest tests in the merger or takeovers of media interests. But unlike other areas of government where there is a public interest test, such as the application of freedom of information laws, the decisions of the PIMA will not be subject to judicial review or appeal through the courts.

However, let’s consider how well a public interest test may operate in practice with reference to FOI.

Click here to read the whole piece

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